No big post really.  I finally hit bishop, which means I can smack stuff, faster.  I saved up all my stat points from 90-99 so I could dump them into agi once I changed.  192 aspd on bishop?  Hell yeah.


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  1. Froster says:

    Finally a post =)
    Checked the site like twice a day, lol.
    I hope you will continue to post for a while!
    Just started playing again, too. I really like your blog!
    Keep it coming!

  2. Smolderbil says:

    I’d love to see it smack some MVPs eventually. /no1

  3. your Rail GuN says:

    thanks doddler aka Abaris for banning my char on Ygg.

    I’ve planned to quit on that server and finally you made it happened.

    I swear that Ygg is the first and the last dead server I’ve ever played on. There are only like 40 players online and everytime someone sees you lvling, he will pm you with this nice word : “bot?”

    ah, what a nice community it’s.

    • doddler says:

      I wish I could have sympathy for your situation, but unfortunately, I must say that by botting you got yourself banned, not me. I imagine that with a smaller community, where players are more likely to know each other, that people will take greater offense to attempts to game the system. Anyways, good luck on whatever you do next.

  4. your Rail GuN says:

    yeah, If I was banned while I was botting, then sure it’s not a problem. But unfortunately, my character was put on jail when he’s sitting (afk state) and when I came back I tried to complain (inside the jail) and the GM responded with something like “you failed to respond to the earlier tests” bla bla bla. And then my account was suspended 😀

    yes, I blame you because of your “famous name & contributions” on iRO, that even the GM was blind enough to ban an innocent character that’s sitting and not doing anything at all.

    and no, I wont try to recover my banned character, it just doesnt give any benefits to my time & real life, dont you think so ?

    • doddler says:

      Well, were you botting? Like when I ran into you, and when the GMs supposedly checked? I mean I only filed a report because you definitely appeared to be botting. You were sitting, I healed you for a bit and you stood up immediately and started killing monsters, where I tried to get a reaction by buffing you and doing emotes. When that didn’t work, I kept healing the monsters you were fighting and you didn’t have any reaction. I only PM’ed you cause your name was too hard to write without pm’ing you first to copy into a report. The GMs replied in just over 2h, though they just gave me the stock response.

      I was pretty convinced you were botting when I made the report, although it would be concerned if they just banned characters without an investigation because they really shouldn’t be trusting player reports outright.

  5. your Rail GuN says:

    Hmm I didnt talk about the moment you healed me and such, but the moment when the GM approached me while I had been afk for like 10 mins and got jailed suddenly.

    I wasnt hunting magmaring at that time, even my character wasnt in Veins area.

    and when I came back, this happened to my char :

    k enough with the talk, it seems that the GM thinks that you’re the Chuck Norris of iRO, and I wont debate anymore, LOL.

  6. Eilos says:

    So, what you’re telling me is basically that you got from level 1 High Novice to Archbishop in the time I got from level 57 Swordy to 77 Knight?

    I feel sad.

    • Eilos says:

      Herp where did I get that number. I am tired. Looking at the dates it’s more like 17-77 so I feel a little less bad.

      But still.

      I know you probably get tired of build questions and such, but I’m still sort of lost as far as renewal goes and was wondering if you had any thoughts for Bowling Bash Knight stats. I’ve been following your Ygg LK for a while, but you never show us your stats after level 40 so I’m sort of winging it at this point. It’s worked out thus far but I’m afraid I might get left behind once I’m 90+.

      • Eilos says:

        Or, perhaps more importantly, how does Bowling Bash work? It seems like most of the time when I use it in renewal it only hits once.

  7. sylphide2 says:

    Woo, looks fun to me :0

  8. flame says:

    hey sir doddler 😀 goo day. im you AB fan hope you can send me your final battle AB build and i want to know your final equips as well send me an email 😀

  9. Tommy says:

    hi doddler, could you send me your final stat for AB battle , and final equip as well…

    send me an email would you? thx..

  10. vesper says:

    weeew that’s the bishop power hehe

  11. iCandy says:

    Now that your back playing, does that mean your RODE-R will be updated as well? i sure hope so because its a really good site. \m/

  12. sedorik says:

    i’m really a fan of your AB sir doddler, would you mind sending your final AB stats and equips in my email? thanks in advance. 😀

  13. fleetingfur says:

    i am playing Battler Sorcerer in TRO official sv and i am a fan of you.
    Try visit my channel at youtube >>
    btw i am waiting for the update more Vid plzzzzzz

  14. Eepo says:

    I’m really interested in this build so it would be great if you could share some info on it. What gear are you using now? You posted a pic of it earlier but then you were just a priest. It would be nice to see your equips and build once you hit AB. Also do you think this build could be possible without the stat foods and adrenaline rush scrolls?

    You can email me or reply here w/e you prefer.

  15. Skeat says:

    I don’t know why I even keep looking in here, no updates for several months….

  16. Mhm... says:

    The hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.

  17. Old Valk player says:

    Jus stopped to say Hi to u doddler. I am old ro player.

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