Well, it’s been a while since I updated this site, but I imagine many already know that I am no longer playing RO.

I want to stress that I still like Ragnarok, I’ve put an absurd amount of hours into playing, researching, writing about the game. When I first took a break from RO I played Rift for a couple months, which while enjoyable (it was an impressive game to say the least), I came to eventually understand why old school MMO’s like RO remain appealing against the big name online games these days. RO has always been a sort of harsh game for players to pick up and play, but it’s a freedom that you don’t see much these days. The modern MMO is a treadmill of goto’s and do-this’, and for it’s grinding leveling gameplay, my experience with Ragnarok and how I play it, even how I build my character is always different from the next guy, which is something the modern MMO doesn’t give you.

I don’t necessarily dislike where RO is going right now. I don’t even dislike what they’re doing with the cash shop, it’s just how online games these days work. It’s just that spending a good part of the last decade playing the game, the game continued to take up time that I wanted to spend doing other things.

I look at RO right now and I can definitely see it being around for a good while. I’ve got to give my shoutout to Heimdallr and the GM team, they do a job that would drive a regular man insane. I don’t think I could have done it in their position. They are finally getting the freedom to tweak and change things with the game, and now it seems on a weekly basis they’re coming out with something nice for players to do, so I’m sure iRO will be well served.

So I hopefully will continue to make use of my new-found free time practicing my programming and making small games. *Shameless Plug* You can even see some of what I have online at the moment. (Game1 Game2 Video1 Video2 Timelapse1)

Anyways thanks to everyone who played with/against me on iRO, it’s been a fun time!

Edit: Of course, the resources available on this site will remain accessible for as long as I can maintain them.


22 Responses to A Decade Well Spent

  1. Smolderbil says:

    I’m forever grateful for all of the things that I learned from you, Doddler. /no1

  2. Peter Ekdal says:

    Thanks for keeping at it all this time! Good luck with your future endeavours =)

  3. ekanipata says:

    hey, just wanted to say thank you. I visited your pages, especially status calculator a countless time. and I too, spent absurd amount of time walking from morocc to prontera like it was walking to my bathroom and back.

    whatever you do, keep up the good work! and thanks again. really.

  4. weeaboo says:

    You’ve fought the good fight, Doddler. Thanks for all your work, it has been (and still is) immensely helpful.

  5. high priestess says:

    Hi Doddler,

    We’ve never played against/with each other but I frequent your db and blog. For some reason your post brought tears to my eyes and I felt the urge to comment. I just want to say thank you for the time (not to mention a lot of effort!) you invested into RO. I personally have enjoyed the game a lot more because of all the work you did. I’m sure most of the iRO community would like to salute you. All the best Doddler!

  6. Ruffi says:

    You should try out Dungeon Fighter online. It’s alot less grindy than RO, gearing yourself isn’t a chore, nor does gear limit what you can do in PvE or PvP. It’s alot more balanced than RO, not to mention much more of a highly skill based game. You don’t run around spamming your uber skills one after another, and class builds are very diverse.

  7. Crow says:

    I am also no longer playing RO, but I am still following your blog. I am sure however, that whatever games I play RO will become my favorite MMO at the bottom of my heart. I have learned a lot from you over those years and for that I salute you.

  8. badax says:

    thanks doddler. i can’t express my feelings in words

  9. Leandro says:

    LoL about the first game, I think you played Touhou too much…

  10. You would always be a Legend doddler to those you played, is playing and will play Ragnarok Online. I agree, RO will be around for a few more years. RO is indeed different from current MMORPGs and it sure do have the appeal to play this game even after a decade. I myself is still playing this game… for 8 years (continuous) running.

  11. yyuuhhjjnnmm says:

    For the past 2 years I’ve been watching ur RO videos hoping one day I could join a good guild and do some of the you did weekly: WoE, ET, Oko. Now after 2 years I can say I am not a noob. Your videos got me thinking and helped me look at things differently. Every one has a point when they realize that some hobby is taking up too much time and drop it, ur time has come. Wish you all the luck with what ever you do,

  12. Kad says:

    Goodbye pecoman!
    I hope you have fun wherever you go, thank you for all the fun moments effort and time you spent on RO. I hope all your games end being super!

  13. Hireyuki says:

    Good luck with game development! Really neat demos. 🙂

  14. Agent J says:

    RO itself will never be the same anymore.

    Playing RO and checking Doddler’s blog to see if there was any new posts was one in the same…..

  15. Ponygon says:

    hey doddler , thx for all your videos/text !
    I just love to watch/reed then;

    have on chance ( a small one ) to you come back to play ragnarok on a iRO Classic ?
    (that who gonna start 06/29 for 07/04) ?

    i really apriciate your blog ;D

    greetings from Brazil ^_^

  16. murdock says:

    I haven’t checked your site for a long while now since I’ve been busy with trying to finish college. Now I come back to see that it’s been exactly a year since you left RO. It’s a bittersweet revelation.

    While it’s sad to know that Doddler has left the game, it’s also a reminder of how life is moving forward for everyone. You had to leave eventually, right?

    I’ve quit RO more times than I can remember and I always end up picking it back up. This post got me thinking about when this cycle will stop for me. It probably won’t be this year but something tells me it will be soon.

    Good luck with the rest of your life, Doddler. When life gets you down, just remember that you were somebody for so many people.

  17. Fan Ke says:

    I miss playing with you on Loki (original oldschool server) I miss everyone and the game 🙁 Oh well, maybe I’ll download it again and play some and see who is on. It’s been a year or two since I’ve logged into it.

  18. Nauvoo says:

    Used your calc and heard about you eons ago… but never thought I’d find this after x amount of years being on iRO hiatus…

    All I can really say is holy sht.. I’ve used you, well your works really, before without knowing who you were!

    Am eating a cookie to honour/commemorate you and your contributions to iRO

    Cheers x

  19. Gonsit says:

    Doddler, I don’t know if you ever check this. Don’t know if your even into games anymore at all. “Tree of Savior” the spiritual successor to Ragnarok is currently in development. If you have any thoughts or insights about it I, and i’m sure others, would love to hear about it.

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