So I’m back I guess.  I wanted to leave, but in the end having nothing to do and reassurances from Heimdallr kept me around for a bit.

I didn’t want to continue doing things as I was  before, so I quickly whipped up a novelty character to mess around with.

Behold, the battle priest.  It’s not a very useful character, but it is definitely fun to play.  People might not know, but battle priest was the first class I played when I started playing Ragnarok.  Renewal allows me to do kind of crazy things to the stats, like get away with 99 crit and 190 aspd on a battle priest.  Reliance on adrenaline rush scrolls is a bit of a downer, but it’s no worse than keeping up bless/agi as RK.  I didn’t post about getting the veteran hammer before, but it’s a sweet ass weapon for battle priest, with 160 attack power, increasing heal and giving me 20 crit for having max mace mastery.  Also very rare, I’m lucky to have one.  Rare hunting pays off!

I made two quick videos of it in action, one at level 83 and one at 94. Check it out.


30 Responses to Smacking Monsters

  1. Smolderbil says:

    Great to have you back. /no1

  2. vespercore02 says:

    old school, but pretty rare since the ragnarok world came.. and by the way thanks to have you back and thank you so much

  3. Ruccio says:

    Nice to see you didnt leave the game yet…

  4. Zues says:

    oh man, battle priest. That brings me back. Nice to see!

  5. nilaum says:

    Glad you’re back ^^

  6. Shinichi Kudo says:

    Nice sir! Its good that you’re back!

  7. Passeryby says:

    Glad you’re back!
    We (fans from tRO) miss you!

  8. chunkie says:

    imba mouse moves 😀

    nice one 😀

  9. Akio says:

    Welcome back!! Not easy to simply leave RO XD

    Very interesting the battle priest, maybe i’ll try 😛

  10. Aya Brea says:

    Great dudeler! Good to hear you’re back!

  11. Eilos says:

    Nobody can quit RO for long. Good to have you back. May I ask which server this is on? I just recently (as in a few days ago) started official after about 4 years or so of private servers after reading your Renewal guide. The 1x rates are sort of painful now, but after doing some math I realize that I’ll feel like I’m on high-rates by the time I get into the 60s or 70s.

    Good to have you. If you’re on Valk at any point (or anyone who reads this) feel free to pm Reyarxis. I’m always very bored and don’t know a lot of people there yet.

    Peas and carrots.


  12. fleetingfur says:

    nice to have you back << My channel

  13. Eilos says:

    Happy no more HD Ores Day everyone!

  14. Skyline says:

    i’m from brazil and I am always following your website and it’s good to know that you are back to RO,like you I used to play a Lord Knight but now i’m playing a Priest like you,that’s my first time with this job,so let me see how much you know about Priest,maybe I can learn a little bit with you.See ya

  15. Talvis says:

    I have a couple battle priest friends who have some nasty comments about you thinking battle priests are only “novelty”
    You wouldn’t have to waste AR scrolls if you partied with a Smith and you wouldn’t have to waste Bless/agi scrolls if you partied your RK with a priest.

  16. Autoerotic says:

    I have to agree with Doddler though. Imho, they ARE a novelty and whatever they can do, another class can probably do better and more efficiently. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun to play.

  17. Glov says:

    did you had those stats at lvl 99 on renewal? wow

    tell me how to get this sweet mace! 😛 I’m really considering going battle on my 92 priest after renewal comes to my server

  18. Valore says:

    Heh, Man that build looks alto of fun, I’ve always enjoyed criticals 😛

  19. DoddlerFans says:

    Doddler is my Hero… =) Please Dont Quit RO doddler, We need youu !!

  20. Critter says:

    Nice Battle Priest you have there 🙂 Just want to know how you attained 190 aspd and 99 Crit Rate? I am using Spike for Crit rates but never did I attain 99 Crit. At most as of the moment is 75 including Gloria and Morroc Ring. Thanks Doddler!

  21. Filipe says:

    Wow, its been some time since I saw a battle priest, along with battle sorcerers 🙂

  22. L says:

    May I know how’s your stat, after the renewal? I think there’s big difference when you’re Priest and Arch Bishop (Luk, Agi, Str seems much bigger)

  23. Ogami Itto says:

    Nice to see you back (though I didn’t know you’d gone, as I was playing other games). I understand your reasons, and I know I had some misgivings as well when they implemented the cash shop. But I’m a “go with the flow” kinda guy…I adapt to the environment as it changes (while offering suggestions and opinions on what works and what doesn’t).

    Anyway, this is nice. I made a battlepriest ages ago, but she was never very good…I think I tried to hybridize her too much, make her capable of supporting and especially tanking, and also battle, and ended up with something not very good at either. With the reset NPC I think I’ll try again…using a build similar to yours, though I’m not gonna count on getting one of those maces any time soon.

    I’ve always had a lotta love for the battlepriest concept, and have tried it in pretty much every game I’ve played where it’s been at least somewhat viable. The fact is, they are very much a niche build. But they fill that particular niche far better than any other class.

  24. What an incredible battle arch bishop! I currently have an arch bishop who wants to follow your footsteps. I guess, I should really max out AGI to have such ASPD. Thanks for the inspiring videos!

  25. joseph says:

    Doddler if you see my post please can you add me in you facebook…..

  26. joseph says:

    i dunno how to give stats for knight

  27. joseph says:

    please reply me on my yahoo……. im begging you

  28. Kuraran says:

    Well uhm hi Doddler I guess….
    I just have a short question about the 99 Crit and 190 Aspd.
    It seems like it’s impossible to calc 99 Crit and 190 Aspd at the same time, probably just because the Calc doesn’t have some Foods or stuff you use when playing.
    I wanted to ask what stuff you use like, AGI-Food or other stuff you had to use to get to 190 Aspd and 99 Crit.

  29. Tops says:

    Nice character Doddler! You just inspired me to make a battle priest of my own thanks 😀 great vid btw ^^

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