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Nanashi wrote on May 27, 2009


Guinsoo wrote on May 27, 2009

What weapon were you using? ^_^

smokie bear wrote on May 27, 2009

long time visiter, first time posting, first i'm wondering what program you're recording and editing with, what format you usually make the product video as, i've always used fraps to record and camtasia to edit, usually mp4 or wmv(mp4 screws up my captions don't know why). also, do you mind hotkeying /effect to your alt m, so that in the future we could actually see what's going on everytime there's a stormgust..

Ergroilnin wrote on May 28, 2009

Doddler give us real post already please :(

Tristan wrote on May 28, 2009

Great video. I was just reading the comments but I think the verification I had to type in says it all:

smokie bear wrote on May 28, 2009

it's the same verification for everyone, everytime ;)

Tristan wrote on May 29, 2009

Haha well we all thought that atleast once when we were reading this blog or watching one of his videos so I guess it fits to have it all the time. :P

TheCrazyOne wrote on May 30, 2009

No elemental scroll usage? You could be doing so much more damage ... Unless you're just being cheap and using some mediocre elemental spear like Gungnir[2] ...

TheCrazyOne wrote on May 30, 2009

Unless official servers doesn't show elemental endowment icon on the side, then ignore what I said.

Rage wrote on May 30, 2009

Hey Doddler i've been playing a low rate private server and my lord knight is 95/62 I really like your build can you please make a guide?

fifi wrote on June 4, 2009

looks to me like a str/vit/dex bowling bash build. brocca most likely as a weapon though exec would outdps it by far, 2h arent such a great idea tanking as much enemy fire as he is. either seems to be using valk ghost or those enemy bios are really weak/he is really luky for no apparent breakages.

Real Sacred Cow wrote on June 6, 2009

I just wish there was a way to transfer to the Valk server. That looked like an epic fight. We had an ok one on Iris in that same castle (Valk 3), yet we confined ourselves in the emp room rather than venturing out all over the place. We did great holding the castle, only one time did we allow maybe 3 people past the first row of steps. Yet, WoE has become Sakray Revisited.

I've been thinking of transferring to another server lately, and again, I wish that I could transfer to Valkyrie. Thanks for the videos Doddler, they are great. See if you can make more of kRO Renewal. ^^

Hey wrote on June 6, 2009

Hey is doddler wiki for eathena or aegis server?

Derahel wrote on June 10, 2009

Hey Doddler, we demmand huge and more frequent posts \o/

Zable Fahr wrote on June 15, 2009

Don't you have any TKM as enemies?... I mean, I would simply jump through without any noskill-song, either disturbing the casters with magnum break spam or trying to break the emperium ^^

Pranav wrote on June 18, 2009

for the love of god, please write a new post.. I am so desperate to see your posts.. :(

Flex wrote on June 19, 2009

Anyone know the first song name? :( I had it before but I've reformatted so many times over the years, want to have that song again. :x

Crowley wrote on November 2, 2009

Hi Doddler you kick ass.
Hi five from your Canadian Brothers.

bel wrote on November 24, 2009

whats your build ainda equips ?

u very owned




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