Doddler's RO Journal

Nevermind wrote on August 25, 2009

Loved the video Doddler! First this time =O

Rakutei wrote on August 25, 2009

Second post. This will take forever for me. Hate being capped. 24 gig is a crappy limit. Damn Australian internet.

Jethios wrote on August 25, 2009

Keep the videos coming. These journal entries are something I really look forward to. Thanks alot!

Arco wrote on August 25, 2009

really love your videos! and show a bit more of the mechanic class please :D looking forward on the next entry

Khayne wrote on August 25, 2009

I dreamt of the day that quests would be implemented in RO.
This is really a great sight, keep the good videos coming!

Bittman wrote on August 25, 2009

Great work again. Shame about the delay between the last one and this, but it's good to get these sneak previews.

Tiano wrote on August 26, 2009

Hey Doddler, nice video, thank you!
Im looking forward to watch the next ones!

Greetins from Brazil!

zeze wrote on August 27, 2009

It was nice to see the new aura for level 150 characters.
I'm getting real excited for third classes and renewal!
Thanks for the great video!

Moonkist wrote on August 28, 2009

The talking desert wolf's name is actually 'Talking Dog.'
I have no idea why it is being called dog instead of wolf.. maybe that's why it tells you to kill baby desert wolves..
and the 'Paradies Group Boots' gives you HP 10% Regen and SP 2% Regen rate.
oh, and thanks for the videos, I started play KR Baphomet server after seeing those vids, and im havin a great time with SE stuffs.

looking forward for more vids!

Moonboy wrote on August 30, 2009

Sir, is the stats going to be affected in the renewal because some say that the hp will not go higher than half of the sp. Is this true? ty

Sakray-JTester wrote on September 10, 2009

Today, Gung-Ho Online Entertainments announces "We denial Sakray-R." in Evolution Project SNS.




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