Doddler's RO Journal

YEAH 1ST POST wrote on December 14, 2009

Can't believe I got first post this time ~~

`Rais wrote on December 14, 2009

Hi Doddler I'm Rais from pRO-Valhalla. Just wanna say that I love reading your journal. In fact I'd rather read it than watch the videos you post. Hop you could post more often. More power dude~

Castello wrote on December 14, 2009

Also before ppl ask, song is by Dark Phoenix's album Arrow Revolver. arrange of Phantom Ensemble

Durth wrote on December 15, 2009

HELLO! i'm Durth from bRO-brazil, and i want to say THAT JOURNAL IS REALLY COOL!!

Thanks man!

Raziel` wrote on December 15, 2009

very nice journal doddler :) hope you can post more soon :)

greetings from pRo-Valkyrie :)

jurrie wrote on December 23, 2009

Even though I don't play RO anymore, I love reading about it in your blog. Thanks for posting :-)

Gee wrote on December 25, 2009

Woot, I finally showed up in a blog post.

Slateback wrote on January 6, 2010

Question: Are the reports tradable?

Snuff wrote on January 6, 2010

We want the Wounded Satan Morroc video, danmed.

Cetus wrote on January 11, 2010

Have a Questtion:
So wth, why you have only 15k Life in every Video in the ET?
You are lvl 95/96 and allways low HP, cant understand this.
But nice Journal ;)


Doddler wrote on January 25, 2010

Cetus: I was wearing Eddga shoes, which reduce max HP considerably.

Cetus wrote on February 3, 2010

I have seee it on the long ET-Version^^
Can yo make a Video from the New World with your LK?
And im waiting for a new Journey ;)


Totot wrote on February 4, 2010

Where do you get does marlin?
I cant seem to find out where I can get them..

P e p e wrote on February 8, 2010

guys anyone knows what's the cooldown time for nidhoggurs shadow ?

Ixis wrote on February 8, 2010

I think it's awesome that you do MVPs and Quests *love doing quests*. I was too lazy to look for a shortcut to talk to Munkero (sure would've saved a lot of time).

Fuin wrote on February 28, 2010

Heh you seem to kill Tanee quite a few times now. I got a question bout Tanee, which character do you normally use to hunt her?

Lily S wrote on April 26, 2010

Dude, I love Moscovia, and I hope it remains underappreciated. I want Mavka all to myself, dangit! D:

...also haha my captcha's 'ROHAX'. That can't be a coincidence xD




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