Doddler's RO Journal

1st post again wrote on December 17, 2009

Good WoE...I didn't think you guys did bad at all, in fact. I was excited the whole way through

Doddler wrote on December 17, 2009

Well, we played well, but we did bad in terms of 'they have all the forts and we have none'. ^^;

Raven* wrote on December 21, 2009

can ya upload the video somewhere man cos i 600mb so i cant download it.. if u have uploaded it somewhere can i get the link..please?

Raven* wrote on December 26, 2009

awaiting for your reply :D

Newbie wrote on January 10, 2010

Keep posting Doddler~
Your blog is our motivation xD

Kuroir wrote on January 14, 2010

I would like more updates regarding Ragnarok Online and your "life" in-game. Since I quited Ragnarok Online like.... 3 years ago I'm still visiting your blog constantly to get updates and some memories.

Hopefully you'll update more about your gaming time and not just WoE related stuff.

Thanks for your great work and happy new year :)

gentimouton wrote on January 20, 2010

Hello Doddler,
I like your blog and I would like to follow it through a RSS feeds. Could it be possible to activate this feature on your blog?

Tima wrote on January 21, 2010

Hi. Children you very good and amicable guild =) Thanks for rollers, are very beautiful ^^

MP5K wrote on February 2, 2010

You should post more often..

Adam wrote on February 8, 2010

Indeed, still w8ing for a new post ;p

P e p e wrote on February 8, 2010

guys anyone knows what's the cooldown time for nidhoggurs shadow ?

SPKEY wrote on April 1, 2010

Always enjoying ur WoE vids. post more vids please~~

krein wrote on April 8, 2012

doddler i have a question,

what program do you use to edit videos? thanks




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