Doddler's RO Journal

dotsdots wrote on October 21, 2010

All Hail Doddler! Look Look~ where is thee the legendary Knight of the Valkyrie one? For what is it located within the halls of Valhalla,It is Him! Many has spoken,Many Has seen,But none has ever experience (maybe),For theee carry thy Rune Blade In The Everlasting Hall of Honor! The Doddler! (Cylen) Of the Valiant Allies!,The Power of the Variants!.

Elegy wrote on October 21, 2010

Wow, in 8 days? I cant even get that far with a x2 manual on a x3 event....>.<

Smolderbil wrote on October 21, 2010

A new post! :D

Raghu wrote on October 24, 2010

omfg o_o u just earned a fan to the knight class :P

Raghu wrote on October 24, 2010

@Elegy : u have to note that the amount of experience to gather is a lot lesser now... but yeah 8days is still a very very impressive figure :O

Jyroma wrote on October 26, 2010

Hey Doddler, What stats would you recommend for a normal Knight to level in Magma 2 with WoE pots? How much STR/AGI/DEX/VIT etc?

Also, is BB better than brandish for mobbing?

SnowFlake wrote on October 27, 2010

you're still awesome as always, Doddler !!

I hope you will post another updates soon, many people will support your site :D

PicaQ wrote on October 29, 2010

Impressive :O
I don't recall how I came across your site but it's informative + amusing = very awesome indeed.

Pico 0_o wrote on October 31, 2010

Doddler is the king of Knight Class :))

RK in 8 days on a 1x server must take a lot. @_@

Great job!

Hopefully posts come in more often!

koluxa from Moscow wrote on October 31, 2010

awww , was waitnig for your new post for so long ,
its so interesting and exciting to read them!

Skitty wrote on November 2, 2010

Wooo ! Have you choose your ferus color ? :p

nicks wrote on January 20, 2011

goodjob ^^ n awesome !

Zedar wrote on January 21, 2011

"WOAH! Doddler?" xD ur a RO celebrity! One day they'll look back at that moment and think "I should've followed him lvling..." lol

James wrote on February 2, 2011

Hey Doddler can u show youy skill tree?? :))

Bajrang wrote on November 9, 2015

در 4:20 pmelaheh میگوید:salam mihkastam bedunam ke agar khanevadeyi barkhordeshun ba bachehashun gheire manteghie va dar kol kheili baham dg msohkel daran ba anjame in testha mishe moshkel ro hal kard?




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