Doddler's RO Journal

Purry wrote on January 3, 2011

Fucking true.

Platypus wrote on January 4, 2011

~mostly true also for Philippine RO (PRO)
it's all about the money nowadays...

for me on the other hand, game balance is a big issue.
Wizard/Warlock is my character of choice - and i'm just depressed by the fact that we almost cannot hunt MVPs anymore.
Our casting times suck and the total damage FAILS in comparison to the Acid Bomb.
Sure others can say that "why not just create an Alchemist/a Genetic?" but they're totally missing the point.

though i believe it's everyone's part.
1st: in the players to stay true and avoid exploits; report if there are any!
2nd: in the game managers (Level Up! for the Philippines) to honor and preserve the integrity of the game
3rd: in Gravity to bring back game balance and ensure players still enjoy the game.
sure it's not a straightforward thing but i'm sure we can start from something.

Domineering wrote on January 4, 2011

Yeah, I think I'm agree with u. IdRO also facing some problems like you've posted... But anyway I hope you'll get past your boredom soon because I'm a big fan of your writing :D

Pichu wrote on January 4, 2011

A lot of it is true also for bRO. We suffer with bots, zeny vendors at every corner and some stupid stunts that the game managers (Level Up!) play, like selling Tao Gunka for 35 dollars.
BUT there some points in which I feel bRO is better than iRO. It's difficult to say one by one, but, for example, our upgrading with HD ore was just for ONE week, they were STUPIDLY expensive and for +7 or more only.
I entered iRO a week ago, mostly to test renewal (it's still in closed beta testing on Brazil) and was astonished looking at the sheer amount of bots here. I'm not saying that other servers don't have bots, it's that I simple don't see a number of players sufficiently high to justify the number of bots at iRO. Or is it just at Valkyrie?
Overall I worry about the direction Ragnarok Online is taking. I deeply enjoy playing the game, testing every class, fooling around with the game mechanics and it's sad to see how the fun is blowing up. I thought they would use renewal to repair everything that was wrong... or at least try.

But they didn't.

Jugarian wrote on January 5, 2011

Let me add to pRO's blatant display of ignorance when it comes to marketing strategy...Well, they are ruining the entire game...what they do is allow people to top up (prepaid cards of $10 worth, which is a lot in the phils) and get in game bonus like Variant Shoes, Proxy/Nidhogg Garb, Glorious Suit, Glorious Muffler, and Glorious Shoes...They are ruining the game for the sake of earning more money....

On the other hand, bug fixes are non-existent...OMG, renewal has been 3 months already but the MATK in rods are still not fixed...We got +0 MATK in almost every rod/staff except for Rafini/Lapine staff..People resorted to other weapons such as Jujube dagger and Novice cutter (130 and 120 MATK resp)...Crap, I really love this game, and given that I will be the brand manager, then I would really try hard to work out the mess in this game, rather than focus on selling items and raking in cash, but losing the hardcore gamers out of frustration....

Doddler, i feel the same way as you...its all in the management...

Rue Aerith wrote on January 5, 2011

I agree with you 110%. However, I'd like to add the company and the game itself is not to blame for this. It's not just the seller who makes the economy; the buyers have a part in making it as well.

There's just one type or reasoning a company will listen to: does it sell or not. By this measure the money grubbing planners and executives decide if something is to continue or not. This is where the players come in. There are players who like this broken and unfair method of play and will patronize it.

And don't try to reason with those guys either. "We don't have the time to hunt; we don't have the characters to hunt, we don't have the..." and all those excuses slash "justifications". You try to explain to them that that is part of the game, there is time and effort involved if you want so and so results. But they would not understand and/or listen; they would instead attack you back and claim you are a "harvester bot" or something.

It takes two to tango, and while I'm pretty sure that those in the company have a big part in this dilemma, I would like to point out the responsibilities (and blame) we players also share. Idiots aren't localized in big corporate buildings after all, they also breed in the hate-filled spawning pools of the internet.

Jaem wrote on January 5, 2011

I'm So Sorry to hear that Doddler. And so sad it has happened to iRO what has been happening with pRO. And it's so true that it really feels they just want quick cash and not care about the future of the game with it's core gamers, the ones that plays to play. Hope you Find your Peace man!

Clogn wrote on January 5, 2011

=( I hope to play with you again!

Paean wrote on January 5, 2011

*patpats Doddler and everyone else*

JP wrote on January 5, 2011

Wishing too that everything is just temporary ...

Omega wrote on January 6, 2011

Doddler, I cant argue with you at all. In fact I agree with you on almost every point.

You know its interesting at how Ragnarok in many ways was one of the first big successful games to come out of Korea for the MMO market and reach such high status and yet over the years its been plagued with bad decisions. Any one involved with the Ragnarok would of read up on Gravity and how the past CEO was running Gravity in the ground. Basically trying to Mass produce MMO's yet bringing little quality to them.

So Gravity was put in to some serious financially hurt. So naturally Cash items come in to play. Still to this day I can recall the very first cash box event. It struck half the players of nice. I remember the devastation when people saw Orlean's Gloves were available in it. Oh did Gravity cash in big time. Brought those gloves down from 900 mil to 100 mil or less over night. Looking back now, its easy to see how a lot of people left right then and there. Which is true, sure Ragnarok wasnt perfect, it had its flaws and sure WoW was all the rage then but still at the time, Ragnarok was still addictive to play. However those cash boxes really did drive a wedge in to players.

Since then the player count has fallen, Hell having mystic card albums in cash boxes didnt help either. But I know why Gravity does this. They need to do this. Their broke as hell and desperate. Ragnarok is their only source of income. A game they released almost a decade ago. We all know Ragnarok 2 is in the works and Rag 1 is paying for it. Sure I have interest in it and hope it turns out well but if its set up with the same cash box schemes then no, I wont even glance at it.

But in the end Gravity in my honest opinion. Cares very little for iRO. Compared to kRO or jRO where they have company image to uphold and respect. So naturally they do every thing in their power to keep high image. But when it comes to iRO...pfff, the cash in on us like no tomorrow. Ha! I still remember when Gravity said the cash boxes wouldnt be an every day thing, and yet now they bring out leveling cash events. hahahah, they got even worse!

However amazed at how long you've played this game Doddler, and even more Amazed at how much you spent on it. But hey, to each his own right. So you have my respect. But you know as well as I do. Unless Gravity shapes up, Ragnarok 2 my release on deaf ears and Ragnarok one will be dried up. Gravity is very close to destroying what little international market it has left.

Platypus wrote on January 6, 2011

@pRO peeps...
one "event" defines the demise of prO


for others.
the event had two NPCs where you get a random item for low zeny.
OCAs, OVBs, and OPBs were obtainable.
this is where ALL the corruption came out.


:DETONA wrote on January 6, 2011

same here in pRO(Philippine Ragnarok Online)

it's all about money money money money... $_$

Maleficus wrote on January 6, 2011

tRO is not any better than that. (tRO (Thailand RO manage by Asiasoft)
- Bot
no matter how many time I report the same bot he still there not even gone for a minute
and even worst in free server

- (New) Lucky Egg (Scroll) every week.

- no event expect cash shop promotion
like refill $5 for random item in list like 17carat diamond

Last time they just happen to sell Brocca instead of Skewer (Genetic food ingredient) for 20z and yeah they just let whoever brought it go free without a warn or something and yeah today genetic cant make 20str food coz skewer is not available in server after they remove Brocca.

before that they just let whoever that using 17carat diamond (500m Diamond) bug roam free without do anything like rollback, delete 17 carat or warn. (I'm not playing at that time but ppl say you can duplicate 17carat as many as you want)

(sorry, for my poor english)

Smolderbil wrote on January 7, 2011

I'll take this as a cue to head back to page 33 and read the journal all over again. I hope to see a 133rd entry when I reach the front page! Till then, Godspeed.

Nilaum wrote on January 7, 2011

bRO isn't that away from iRO. Our distribute company (Level Up! Games) controls the game market on Brazil, and thinks it is absolute on the way they manage the game. And when the players complai about something, they blame Gravity saying "gravity wouldn't let us do that on the game" "Gravity disaprove that" or even, our national Laws! one moderator said once "brazlian laws are ridiculous" damn!

But yeah... RO days are gone, now is cash shop itens days... Thays that never come back.

So Doddler, i see you on Wow ;D

Xellie wrote on January 8, 2011

I know I often disagree with you but this is something I agree with fully. I hope the GMs begin to listen and take steps to correct iRO, yet I think it may be too late no matter how perfect the changes they make in the future are.

Reverie wrote on January 8, 2011

I'm surprised I'm still even playing this game at all. With all of this that happened it's hard to consider anything to be enjoyable with iRO's management.

One would wonder if iRO's poor situation is reversible or not. The events continue to grow worse as well as more cash based. I do not find iRO fun, rather it is nothing more than filler in my day to pass time.

H wrote on January 9, 2011

One minor point of disagreement w/r/t/ upgrading. Note that the picture you describe is not true for armor. If you want the best armor for you, that probably means that you want +3 in one specific stat. Let's say that you want +3 in str and aim for that... enchant, if you don't get it reenchant, etc. You have a 5% chance of being successful. Which mean, you expect to need 20 pieces of said armor to have 1 work. While this doesn't represent the old scenario of destroyed hundreds of pieces of armor/gear to get some upgrade, it certainly is not inconsquentail. And, currently (count on iRO to "fix" it) there is no way to pay kafra points to get around this risk.

Fibrizzo wrote on January 9, 2011

HD ores break the game and Woe potions don't?

I laughed a lot.

Lucas_palmeirense wrote on January 9, 2011

I'm from bRO (Brazil Ragnarok Online). Things here are a LITTLE better than iRO. But, still, the problem is the samne: Everything is money, money, money. At least Level UP! have SOmE decency (but not too much...). Still, i really prefer bRO than iRO xD. Just too bad you're quitting.

Good Luck o/

Scott wrote on January 9, 2011

I didn't disagree with the idea of the HD ores, but I feel it's been getting ridiculous lately.

They should make some sweeping changes and not care how the players complain about it.

Alter KVM gear effects, remove HD ores and fix the upgrade formula.

HillsTiger wrote on January 10, 2011

I agree with this completely. All about money money money but all these official servers are so damn awful I just gave up on them and joined Ragnarok Revolution. Best private server online today. No lags or bots or other annoying things you deal with on iRO.

You guys call all private RO server players noobs but the real noobs are YOU guys, wasting your MONEY and time on iRO/pRO for nothing special? Seriously now, if you want to join a real RO server go here and stop crying over these sorry ass official servers which seem to do nothing but give all of you more and more reasons to throw fits and go emo.


Elegy wrote on January 11, 2011

All these years watching your videos/posts/updates. I always admired the way you played while keeping in trend the RIGHT WAY. I agree with you on so many points, it's hard to see a game you grew up with go to waste.

Naglalaro ka sa valk? Hehe, good to see someone who thinks the same as me. They offer too much in the way of promotional shit but almost nothing in technical issues like bugs and game balance.

You have a point. Bots everywhere esp. here in pRO.

Yun talaga Problema... They know a lot of people are willing to burn money so they wouldn't really care which really bothers me...

@Hills Tiger
Yeah I also agree that those cash cows are way too full of themselves. Thinking they own you just because they have money to burn.

Also I get your point. It would be much better to move to some place much better instead of sulk but you have to understand that though RO is just a game it's a game that's lived for more or less a decade. Throughout those years, many people, including a lot of us here, have come to love some aspects of the game and it's kinda hard to let go of that even if you move to other servers. So I hope you'd be able to respect that. Thank you.

Knolan wrote on January 11, 2011

I came to the same conclusion you did long, long time ago. Specially on bots, I played RO in the old, old days, back when warp portal as a mage spell, till the patch before WoW 2.0. I played on official for some time (1~2 years), then left after a nerd rage about bots. I played on low rate private servers for years (some of them are nearly bot-free), then stopped mainly due to my friends going to play WoW.

Still kept a close eye on the game specially in your site, so, I want to wish good luck and thank you for all the time you put into it.

Caturday wrote on January 12, 2011

I agree too, I often feel so nostalgic when I read lines like yours, I think you ve done a lot for us, sharing your thoughts and funny things
The thing I agree is how the game has indeed become a "pay to do everything correctly"
I think the core parts of games should never be touched, paying for improvements (like food or scrolls) is ok, but paying for events isn t
We, on fRO get a lot of these "buy a hat and refine it to hell" events, it makes me sick ._.
actualy I came to enjoy your journal more than the game itself
They have indeed released a lot of games, but i would like them to focus more on our ro.

Mikan wrote on January 12, 2011

Lack of transparency. Lack of gamer-management interaction. Lack of rule/law enforcement in which the majority of the players greatly abuse. Monopolistic playing.

Yet it's just ironic that there's still a lot (bots or not) that plays this game, ayt?

Hrishi wrote on January 12, 2011

If you are responsible for the GM's reversal on the HD ores, I congratulate you. That is all!

Black Frost wrote on January 14, 2011

I think all servers suffer from this. I thought we are alone (pRO) it's nice to have someone share the burden with us...

I hope some "miracle" will appear and "fix things up."

Passerby wrote on January 14, 2011

Same here with tRO.

PasserA wrote on February 22, 2011

i agree with you,too.

I have played Ragnarok for at least 6 years. Two years after i started RO(taiwan), i decided to play low rate private server instead because BOT overcrowd the game. BOT makes fighting MVP, farming cards, collecting item for headgear become meaningless since they will be massively produced daily anyway. While my little hunter was still level 70, most people i know had already reached 90. Number of "huamn-leveling" group had decreased to a pathetic level that only 1 or 0 group to Glast heim. I cant find any fun in that environment at all.
Then recently, Gravity create a "free server". They promise that"it will bring your sweet memory of RO back!". At the beginning, it does attract most players like me who are disappointed with BOT years ago, and we return to RO. But Gravity introduce the cash shop. Although BOT is not as crazy as before, but the players started to polarize deal to the cash shop. Then not so long, BOT overcrowded the game again. And I'm Disappointed again.
Both cash shop and lacking of treatment on BOT could only lead me to think skeptically that Gravity want to increase their income more than promoting a comfortable gaming environment. BOT has already an big issue in RO for (in my knowing) at least 5 years. How could there is no significant changes?
Private server is just a paradise for true-hearted gamers:o).

Doppelganger wrote on September 21, 2012

I've been a player of pRO for more than 7 years now. Then I stop playing for 5 years. When I got back, nothing has change.

What I really hate the most is how strong guilds got so strong in the first place from " botting ". It's really unfair how they are able to refine over upgraded items and
weapons which is a big factor during guild wars.

As for the cash shops that Gravity introduced. Only the rich guys could only afford rare and expensive items.

What the Hell ??!!! I don't want to spend a lot of money just for something intangible. The guys at Level Up really sucks!

Thor wrote on February 25, 2013

Doddler needs to return.

Thor wrote on February 25, 2013

Doddler needs to return.

Apocrypha wrote on April 8, 2015

Doddler. Return.
Move forward. Rebound.




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