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Lance wrote on February 27, 2008

WoE is definitely my favorite feature of the game. And i agree on having WoE1 and WoE2 once a week when they are implemented worldwide.

WoE happens only twice a week in iRO? Here in pRO (Philippines), it's thrice a week (Tues, Thur and Sat).

Zable Fahr wrote on February 27, 2008

The reasoning is pretty good.

The smaller guilds won't be any worse with 1:1 WoEs per week. Maybe they'll spend even more money to hold a castle.

zeze wrote on February 27, 2008

I never thought of it like that. Damn! I wish I had voted for Woe 1 Wed and Woe 2 Sat instead of 3 Woe a week.

Guss wrote on February 28, 2008

The one thing I hate is seeing people complain about supplies and money for WoE. In every other MMO I have played there is a price to pay to be the best. You have to farm, spend time playing the game, and work for those times that the game is at it's most enjoyable moments. Why is it unacceptable in RO to require people play more? Why make the game a casual based game?

Brother Lynch wrote on February 28, 2008

WoE 1 on weds and WoE 2 Sat sounds fine to me. Im not much of a WoE person but i wish they would me a command that would get rid of the WoE chat when someone gets a castle. /WC /woechat

Dawn wrote on February 29, 2008

I don't like that system. I can never attend woe on wed. Under the system you advocate I will never be able to attend woe1 ever again.

I also think that some guilds will not want to participate in woe2. It seems much harder and would require more people and more powerful guilds/alliences (seems almost impossible to solo imo). You would be robbing those people of sat woe. Also, if my guild ops out of woe2 then because I can't make woe on wed I will never be able to woe again.

Dawn wrote on February 29, 2008

On a random topic I don't like how Soul Linkers keep getting screwed. They have longer recal time in woe1 and in woe2 they have longer cast time and can't use the leap skill.

Assassins aren't penalized for their ability to cloak FOREVER. Stalkers aren't penalized for their ability to be undetected. Or scholars for their fiberlock/saftey wall/blinding myst. Those 3 classes make up 95% of all guild leaders. Yet soul linkers are the only ones penalized.

They could have made leap usable in woe2 with invisible walls and making the gates too thick to leap through. Yes it would have taken allot of work to make sure they got all the glitches out but thats what sakray (or whatever the kro test server is called is for) in my eyes they just took the lazy way out.

Niv wrote on February 29, 2008

1 WoE1 & 1 WoE2 per week is enough - that's exactly my opinion, for the same reasons. :) (Although I shouldn't think about it at all, since I couldn't participate at least once a week for about 1 year now. Doomed by RL. .-.)

Some dude wrote on February 29, 2008

most ppl can only afford to woe on weekends... make woe only on sat and sun. maybe sat for woe 1 and sun for woe2. however, i prefer woe1 being complete eliminated coz there's too many bug used.

Christian wrote on March 14, 2008

Hey Doddler

I know I'm from a private server, but after reading about 10 or more of your blog entries, I have to say this;

1.) I totally agree about the price of iRO. If it were cheaper, you could pull my butt off of the private server in no time. I almost started playing iRO, but I thought "heh, I could get on WoW for this price" and decided against myself and stuck with the private server I am on.
2.) I am deeply amazed at how good you are!
3.) This is more of a question, how do get those Old Card Albums?

The Private Server I play on is low rate, and the customs, for the most part, suck. I use regular RO gear, because it's better anyway.

I have about 100000 more things I could say, but, I don't have the time!

It'd be wonderful to hear back from you!




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