Doddler's RO Journal

Vojo wrote on July 2, 2008

I want to play kRO free server!

Hook me up Doddler with an account.

SICK9 wrote on July 2, 2008

your adventures are very interesting !!
i come to your page like 10 times a day to see if you have a new update xD;;

i hope to see more soon !

thank you

david wrote on July 2, 2008

omg, good trick on the red potions lol
and they sell like hot cakes i really want to try this server D: but the korean language ruins it for me.....

Chocolate Milk wrote on July 2, 2008

ummm i have a suggestion for the anopheles prob...
...keep a fire wall in front adn side of you
and if it coems form behind walk through one of hte walls..

and for the bio3 effect ...i think it might be a cash shop speacial that are good for wizards..(ex. add dex int and decrease cast time or uninterupted cast) some thing ike that ...just a thought hehe

Chocolate Milk wrote on July 2, 2008

oh i forgot....doddler now you cna play guy characters instead of girls..

Soul Link wrote on July 3, 2008

You said the number of useless cards you have on kRO is 2. The first one is Boa/Snake card. What's the other one?

Guru Clef wrote on July 3, 2008

Hi Doddler!

I like to ask you a useless thing:

I have made a very nice and short video of my Bio3 party after Veins(Brazil Ragnarok Online). If you like, can you show it in the "random stuff"?

There`s the link:


Three months ago I was working really hard in a good and diferent High Wizard MVP video, with very nice killings. But I lost every information saved in my Computer. /sob

Now, I will not have time and chance to play Ragnarok to soon. But, I will continue to see your sites and videos, becouse they help me to feel "in my far away home".

Good luck to your jorney of Kro free server. And I`m waiting for news of your new plan to beat Belzebu.

Thanks again!

eReBoS wrote on July 3, 2008

well i just hope that doddler will have a way to use the cash shop to hasten his leveling.

Vaqaas of Iris wrote on July 3, 2008

That's Episode 13 right? Any chance there's a way we can see 3rd classes and screenshots of the new world?

Kirano wrote on July 4, 2008

Totally awesome. =) Hope you'll have a good time, and I really love all the screenshots from the new features.

3rd classes aren't out yet, as Doddler's kro-update-translations show. The new world probably requires quite a bit of trouble to enter.

Soul Link: I recall the first was a Savage card, which he found before he lost access to the initial account he used on kRO.

Timexy wrote on July 4, 2008

There's no 3rd class yet, and for him to access the "new world", he has to complete the new Orc Dungeon Instance.

GolGate wrote on July 4, 2008

iirc, I thought that I saw a news that said kRO is going to open another Free Server, Doppelganger.
If that was real, you should've gone there. But it's okay -- I enjoy reading your journal so much. :D

@Chocolate Milk:

Seeing that those FWs did 1 damage per hit, I don't think they can handle 2 or more Anopheles. It must be impossible on a mage w/o Under a Cast Acc. D:

Doddler wrote on July 4, 2008

Actually I considered playing on Doppelganger but... it has way fewer people, which makes it harder to test some of the things I wanted to test.

Zable Fahr wrote on July 4, 2008

The snakes were once named "Snake" then got switched to "Boa" and later they were renamed being snakes again. Guess the English is simply part of the Drawing.

Chocolate Milk wrote on July 4, 2008


even if he had a Phen card...he will still die... the FW idea is just to push the anopheles back so doddler can escape ^_^

Guru Clef wrote on July 5, 2008

Oh god! I was ignored!!!!!!

Playing with a Mage, First Aids can be very usefull to recover your health points.

Oh my noob times!!!!

Jubi wrote on July 6, 2008

If you still dunno these boxes let ya see hidden players

Ohaithere wrote on July 6, 2008

lol Jubi
i can read korean and it says it carries an item... (pretty sure rental item)

Jubi wrote on July 7, 2008

The one that let you see hidden people is 햇빛의 상자 (Box of Sunshine). This one is 가장무도회 상자, which babelfish translates as Fancy Ball Box.

Although I can read Hangul, I have the slightest idea what does the words on the description means (*needs to learn korean for real*) XD

Js wrote on July 7, 2008

Isn't there a way to restore the exp rate back to normal? I thought if you pay something similar to a monthly fee it restores the exp rate and drop rate back to 1x. Or am i wrong?

Chocolate Milk wrote on July 9, 2008

SUGGESTION! 2 words says it all : BATTLE PRIEST!

Chocolate Milk wrote on July 10, 2008

yes i know battle priests are hard to train........BUT theb est thing is...SELF BUFFs and mgiht be expesnive for eqiups and a monk might be better but monks are weak at the most....sooo i guess with a normal FS priest skill build with a battle priest stat build would be best...or maybe a knight stat build.......

Wild Tengu wrote on July 10, 2008

I can't imagine myself playing on that Bapho server, even if it is free, fuck, it'll take forever to hit level 99. I mean getting half the normal experience is just crazy, and paying to get it raised is just Gravity's way of being a cheapskate.

Offical RO servers might actually be playable if the exp (and drop) rates were between x10-x20, so you don't spend days and days getting no where fast. It's way more balanced that way, but then what does Gravity know about balance.

kirano wrote on July 13, 2008

I've heard enough about highrate servers to know what kind of 'balance' that gives you... I play on a x3 server and we already run into balance problems because some of the RO aspects weren't supposed to be multiplied by a random number.
And if by their way of being a cheapskate you mean getting the same thing as when you pay to play the other official servers, then you're basically saying that the very existance of Ragnarok Online is them being cheapskates. Wuh?

trig wrote on July 14, 2008

You should also store the flywings and butterflywings. Those sell pretty well too, at least to an npc.

Doddler wrote on July 14, 2008

Not on kRO trig, the flywings/butterfly wings are character bound and cannot be moved. All novice grounds gears save the potions are character bound actually.

Wild Tengu wrote on July 14, 2008

@kirano I'm saying Gravity is being a cheapskate by opening a free server, then offering to up the rates to x1 for a price. That's just lame really. Either way, RO is not a balanced game, it takes too freaking long to level and everybody wants to hit level 99 and beyond. There is no balance with the leveling process.

I play at a x13 server (this is considered low rate by most) and I get frustrated enough leveling at 90+. By the time your level 97-98, everything is giving like .01% exp. Yeah have fun killing OVER NINE THOUSAND monsters for one lousy level. Then you finally reborn, and then the experience chart increases to more than twice the amount, yay lulz.

Do you have any idea how long it takes to get to level 99 with a reborn character at x13? I don't even want to imagine that process at x1 or .50. That's just bullshit dude.

Now Gravity plans to up the level max to 150 for 3rd jobs? Hah! How the hell is that gonna work? It'll take weeks just to get one damn level because everything your killing is giving you shit experience. Unless these new monsters Gravity implements give a shit ton of experience, I don't think it's gonna get any better.

Gravity needs to wise up, make the rates x20, and make RO less of a grinding for freaking ever game.

kirano wrote on July 15, 2008

I went to 99/70 at x3 so yeah, I can imagine how long it takes.

Mercutio wrote on July 15, 2008

I don't play on offical servers either, it takes too long to level or find any decent items. I play on a x10 server and I do fine, still alot of grinding at the higher levels and you still gotta work to get rare stuff, but it's tolerable. I have a level 87 Assassin and a level 79 Priest.

My point though is RO is a game you have to work really hard at regardless of the rates, but I think taking weeks/months/years to hit 99 just once is pretty dumb and a waste of time. I want to enjoy the game, especially WoE. It's no fun being severly underleveled and handicapped. I can kill other players with my Assassin w/ a Soul Link, but I lose vs. godly EDP.

Slumerat Rembuka wrote on July 17, 2008

Doddler-sama.... do you think you can post screenies of /who so that we can see how many peoples are playing RO?

Kari wrote on July 21, 2008

Hey, for anyone reading this...
Me and a friend want to try the Baphomet Server...
I am a big research whore for RO, and have been trying my best to get an account to test the new stuff.

If you have an extra account or two, and wanna help us out, could you please send an email to ?

famiong wrote on July 24, 2008

Have u figure out what's the Bio3 effect on wizards?

Is it only for wiz?


famiong wrote on July 24, 2008

"There's like a billion of these boxes for sale, but I can't for the life of me figure out what the heck they actually are."

I believe they are "Packages".

Depends on the package.. when its open u get a combination of stuffs - some battle manuals, some Stat Foods, Buff scrolls, etc...

Kirano wrote on July 24, 2008

Oh, like this thing:

A tradeable box that contains 1 Adventurer Pack
10 Battle Manual
10 Bubble Gum
20 Lv 10 Agi Scroll
20 Lv 10 Blessing Scroll
10 Token Of Siegfried
10 Life Insurance
5 Kafra Card
10 Stew of Immortality
10 Hwegelmir뭩 Tonic
10 Steamed Scorpion
10 Cooked Nine Tail뭩 Tails
10 Steamed Tongue
10 Dragon Breath Cocktail

Adventurer Pack can not be
dropped, or sold; it can be stored.

Kevii wrote on September 24, 2008

Hi me and a few friends would love to play here. Would anyone be kind enough to help us out and email me at

LimitLine wrote on November 10, 2008

Hey Doddler, nice job as always on your posts, like many people I really enjoy reading through ur articles, good job :)

And also, I know (I guess) you need to defeat Satan Morroc to have access to the new world since you have access to it through the Dimensional GOrge, but when you finally get to it could you please add an entry and also saying which types of quests are there? Im so curious about them :)

Good job as always,
LimitLine ^^

KDragon wrote on November 21, 2008

"There's like a billion of these boxes for sale, but I can't for the life of me figure out what the heck the actually are."
Actually, Those are items u get when u buy ro guide books.

u open em to get:
Dress Hat (ppl bu em mostly for this one)
Black Bunny ears
Vanil hat
Blindness hood(?)




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