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And now for something completely different

By Doddler on November 13, 2009 in category 'General'

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Ragnarok Online Database Engine - Renewal

By Doddler on September 21, 2009 in category 'General'

It's been a bit since my last post hasn't it?  I haven't been idle though during this time though.  I'd like to thank everyone for the feedback I got on the intro to renewal videos, I'm glad that they were interesting.  That said it might be a bit before the next one, just a heads up!

So I also have been trying to make good on my promise of a new RO database.  The existing RODE site is horribly out of date, and I always felt guilty that it was basically Amesani RO with a different skin. For that reason, I've always toyed the idea of making a new database completely from scratch.  I finally got off my lazy butt and decided to get working.

Because of the timing of this, I decided to make the database specific to the Ragnarok Renewal system.  I'm aware that means the new page won't be useful now and probably not for some time, it does give me a fair bit of time to make everything come together before it becomes relevant to RO players.

One thing I've been trying to do is make all the information you might need available in one spot.  To do this, I make hefty use of mouseovers and other tricks.  If you aren't familiar with what something is refering to, what an item does, what a skill does, chances are you'll find the answer simply by mousing over it.

Its very much a work in progress though.  At present I'm fairly satisfied with the monster section, but that is pretty well the only section that is currently online.  Some things might be a bit confusing with the monster page, particularly the states for skill usage, but again you can mouse over them to figure out what they mean.  I'll hopefully get a chance to get other sections online later.

Let me know what you think of it!

Ragnarok Online Database Engine: Renewal

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By Doddler on June 19, 2009 in category 'General'

Busy Doddler is busy!  Busy with work, busy with renewal, busy just doing stuff.  I've had the images ready for an update sitting on the server for nearly two weeks but haven't gotten a chance to write a post.  I figured I'd do the valk post, and I might do a renewal one later.

Welcome to Bossnia!  Actually not really, its east prontera field.  Gotta love bloody branches.

You don't see that every day.

Two tanks works quite well for beelzebub.  If you do it right, if one gets exiled, he'll stay on the other until they get back.

GM's summoned this guy in prontera for some odd reason.  Apparently no one else wants to tank it.

Actually I get the feeling no one else CAN tank it.

My first time soloing thanatos.  Even if it was just a bloody branched one, it was pretty easy.  He's really annoying with the teleport though.

I decided to spend a bit of time to level a sage.  It's not a serious character, but it is kind of fun.  Its odd that no one levels in moscovia, it seems like an incredibly popular zone on other RO servers.  The money is good and the experience is fast, can't complain about that.

Not the smartest thing I've tried doing.

Seems one of my guildmates is incredibly lucky!  Maybe one day I'll be that lucky.

iRO over the last few months have been putting in these monster spawn events, where select maps become overpopulated with angry monsters waiting for you to kill.  During the bailand event I went down there for a hunting quest, and got this card.

And then I got another!  What are the chances?

Check those timestamps... pretty lucky!

The second spawn event was clocktower.  Bathory hunting certainly is much better during the event! 

The blank cards are an interesting idea they came up with, but I'm not really fond of their system for rewards.

The third spawn event was Glast Heim.  I decided I would take it for all its worth and spend a lot of time there trying to get rares.  It also happened to be an item drop event, so things were in my favor.

Mobs of Abysmal Knights seem unusually common during the event.  Can't complain though!

First card!

Talk about lucky!  Of course, I spent hours there, and may have used a bubblegum or two, but I think it paid off.

The item tally.  I also have about 400 elunium and 100 oridecon.  A shame those aren't that useful on Valkyrie.

Slot enchanting!  I found a couple elemental books from the ridewords, it turns out that I'm also pretty lucky slotting them.

And a Gae Bolg for good measure.

Once the GH spawn event ended, boredom set in again, and I lacked something creatively stupid to do.  So I decided to load up on whites and head to Odin Temple.

Surprisingly it's not that bad... when you have a meginjard and asprika anyways.

I wasn't sure how well soloing valkyries would work out, but it wasn't that bad.  Took about 100 whites, but I consider that more or less acceptable considering the value of the drops.


It might have been a drop event but those things dropped quite frequently.  The Valhala Flowers will come in handy later, as they're important for making the Brynhild god item.

Satan Morroc is a pretty angry guy.  We admittedly used a bit of a cheap trick to get past the quest spawn to get to fight Wounded Satan Morroc.  He's pretty easy... he's got the same attack power as Ifrit, except without the power up skill, and the fact that he's demon makes it so much easier to gain resistance to his attacks.

Satan Morroc's Angel minion in the process of killing itself.  I'm not sure exactly why they do it sometimes, it seems that they manage to hit themselves with grand cross somehow, and decide that they are a thread and go at it.  It's quite amusing to watch, it saves us the trouble of dealing with it!

We've done Okolnir a couple more times since last time, and we're starting to get the whole thing down to an art. 42 minutes is our current best time.  8 mins 22 seconds to get out of the maze. 

And there is our guild, making our second Meginjard!  The Shinogogogogibi guild name is a bit of a running joke within our guild.  The Japanese chess-like boardgame 'Shogi' had captured the time of several of our members for a period of time, and someone unsure of what it was called referenced it as 'Shinogogogogibi'.  I guess it stuck since then.

And that's it for now!  For a last picture, when RO graphics go terribly wrong.

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Fallacious Okolnir - Brynhild

By Doddler on May 6, 2009 in category 'General'

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Those that have been checking the video section on the site have probably already seen this (its been there for about a week now), but here's our latest run of Okolnir.  Very few mistakes are made... probably reaching the peak of our efficiency for clearing the dungeon.

The video was edited a bit more than I usually do.  I'm not very good with intro's and fancy cuts, but I think I'm getting a bit better and the whole thing comes together pretty well.  The music is from the Touhou remix album 'Archiv East', mostly from disc 2.  The video quality is quite high, must more impressive than the last Okolnir video I made where the rendering quality and framerate were a bit wonky. The quality is to the point where we had to change our ventrill password!

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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