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Nidhoggur Solo

By Doddler on February 12, 2010 in category 'MVP'

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I apologize for the lack of updates these days, full time work and other things have kept me from doing much in the way of updating on the journal.  I figured I'd do something special for a new journal entry, so here it is, solo Nidhoggur's Shadow.

It's actually not that hard, as long as you know what you're doing.  I used god items but I don't think it's really required, though you'd use a lot more supplies.  He's relatively slow and spends a lot of time casting, so you can avoid a lot of the damage if you get out of range before his skills finish.  Not using a shield makes it harder, but you more or less require the defense bypass of the Gae Bolg to do any reasonable damage.  Lucky for me, my high max HP partially makes up for the no shield problem, at least enough to save me from dying to regular attacks. I do die, but not in any situation where a shield would have saved me.

I think he actually becomes easier as time goes on.  He has a fairly fixed cast order, and as he gets lower HP he gets new skills on higher priority.  The thing is that if you hit a monster while its casting from a range, it will begin chasing you as if it's casting was interrupted, and there will be no delay on the skill when it finishes casting, even if the skill is still casting.  You can use this to your advantage by keeping him interested in casting his long skills and not using his annoying ones, like stone curse and sleep.

If you're not familiar with Nidhoggur, what happens is that when he goes idle (below 60% hp), he starts casting life stream, which heals him to full HP if it finishes.  It takes two minutes to cast, so it's not a huge risk and gives you some time if you need it to prep.  Also what happens is that every 3 minutes you get teleported into one of the side rooms with some monsters and a specific status.  You can't leave until all the monsters die, so you have to be careful or he'll finish casting lifestream before you get back.  The yellow room, which I got stuck in annoyingly often gives you sleep and chaos status, which makes your movement random, which is what the panacea is for.

The video is uncut, the entirety of the instance run is in the video.  The total cost was 542 mastela 366 strawberry, about 15 wind converters and holy water, and a bunch of kafra shop buff scrolls.  Please pay no attention to the kafra shop stuff in my inventory, I might have over prepared! Oh, and the total time from opening the instance to Nidhoggur dying was about 44 minutes, battle time with Nidhoggur was just over half an hour.

I died twice but had no exp loss due to insurance.  What wasn't shown was me being killed by a duneyrr outside of the instance and losing 11m exp.  Oops. :(

I finally borrowed a PS2 and played through Okami (Yeah I'm a slowpoke), so the music in the video is from the Okami sound track.  In retrospect I'd like to have put the twin demon's boss theme in, since it's my favorite theme in the game (and best boss), but I didn't think it fit as well.

On an unrelated note, I haven't updated the journal much lately but I've posted a few videos to my youtube channel if people haven't been following there.  You can find it here.

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The Endless Tower

By Doddler on July 3, 2009 in category 'MVP'

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Continuing with my trend of posting things weeks after they actually happened, I decided I'd share with you our latest attempt at clearing the Endless Tower.  The whole thing was an impressive experience.  We lucked out pretty good and managed to organize a team of very skillful players (people who try to organize guild events might know you don't always get the best).  It's the first time I've been above floor 85, and definitely the first time I've seen the dungeon through to its conclusion.  We successfully cleared the tower entirely, though we cut it fairly close, ending with only 30 seconds remaining.

Recording wise, the whole thing was recorded at 1024x768 at 30fps (but usually a bit lower fps wise).  Video editing was done with Sony Vegas 8.  This isn't the only video I made, I created an unabridged 'feature length' version, which contains all the footage.  It was pretty time consuming to make a video of that length, especially one that involved captions for each of the bosses, song titles, and somehow fitting 2 and a half hours of music.

The video above is the shortened version, though it's not really very short at all at 40 something minutes.  You can find a direct link to both versions below.  The short version cuts out all the regular floors and has all bosses below floor 80 sped up 3x.  The short version also cuts out a good chuck of the entweihen fight and some of naght seiger because they're mostly redundant.  The long version contains every floor, bosses at regular speed, regular floors at 2x speed, and first half of entweihen fight at 1.4x.  Note that both the streaming and downloads are the exact same, and the short version is identical to the one shown in this post.

Endless Tower Short Version - 49 min (Download / Streaming)
Endless Tower Long Version - 2h 29 min (Download / Streaming)

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First Ktullanux on Valkyrie Server

By Doddler on November 4, 2008 in category 'MVP'

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Who says you need to be 99 trans characters to do some of these MVPs?  All it takes is a little smarts, some gear and coordination.  While it wasn't a flawless run, there were still some deaths, we did fairly good and the run took only about 10 minutes from summoning to his defeat... a time that at times we failed to match even on Loki (don't ask!).

Interestingly enough I think we had more deaths to atroce before than we did to Ktullanux.  Many of the deaths were simple mistakes, like meleeing the boss, hitting the boss before it gets to the tank, etc.

The gears I used to tank were as follows:

+4 Magni Cap
Robot Eyes
Evolved Pipe
+5 Aqua Silk Robe
+4 Brutal Stone Buckler
+4 Genie Muffler
+5 Wonderer Boots (Green Ferus)
2x Safety Rings

The guild only had 3 unfrozen armors available, which we used for the bard, high priest, and safety walling wizard.

More exciting things to come!

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Orc Lord on Valkyrie

By Doddler on October 22, 2008 in category 'MVP'

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I figured I'd post this here.  We decided to do Orc Lord on the Valkyrie server.  There were two of his drops in particular we were after, the Doomslayer Axe, as well as the Bloody Axe.  Doomslayer is a beast of an axe, and while people hardly expect you to use it for say, bowling bash on a Knight, it can do the job well.  The Doomslayer is generally given a bad rep but I think its not a bad weapon.  If you have enough strength to use it, its a whopping 350 attack power level 4 axe, with a 30% chance to stun on every attack and 5% chance to break the targets armor.  You lose attack speed and it does increase SP cost of skills, so I don't think you would keep it as your primary weapon, but considering I cause a pretty hefty rucus with a 120 atk spear that merely bypasses defense, a 350 attack axe that paralyzes and destroys armor could be seen as a step up.  Even if I don't use it, there's some other characters in guild that could equip it and utilize its abilities.

Anyways about the actual MVP.  Like many earthquake MVPs, Orc Lord basically doesn't do anything that can be seen as a challenge other than earthquake.  Unfortunately, earthquake is really a bad thing to deal with when you have no cranials, immunes, and limited access to assumptio.  As you can see, our strategy generally involved simply falling over when it did end up using earthquake.  More than that, the plan was to burn it down in a way that it would never use earthquake while in power up.  We were successful in that, though just barely.  Another 2 seconds and we would have been toast.

Ninja as main killer was fairly effective I think.  BURNING is a pretty damn good ninja, and his high level contributes to his abilities.  I don't think any other main killer could have done the job of avoiding the powered up earthquake at this point.

In the future we hopefully can reduce party size to 5-6 players, as we add in more shields.  Its unfortunate that cards like Horn are made available due to rampant botting of low level areas, but its availability does give us an opportunity to do this a little easier.  With the 10 people we had in range of EQ, players with horn can survive without assumptio, so I think if we reduced party size we could do it as long as people were willing to use assumptio scrolls.

I apologize for the poor video quality though!  My computer sometimes doesn't do a very good at capturing video with fraps.  I couldn't actually pull the MVP while recording with fraps, so the very first bit while I get it moved into position was missing.

Oh! The drops we got were a Grand Circlet and a slotted ring. Not what we were looking for but pretty decent drops none the less.

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