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New Video Interface

By Doddler on April 20, 2009 in category 'Random Stuff'

I've been doing some site updates, partially with the upcoming (hopefully) RODE2 database, and with the journal page.  In particular, I've been re-vamping the video listings page.  Most of the changes are done on the backend, just making it easier to post new videos, but also there's a few other minor changes.  There's now a link button on the video player in the bottom right that allows you to get a direct link to that video.  I've broken it up into three categories.  The 'other servers' category has no videos atm, I plan on putting the old videos I've posted onto the player.  You can of course view the video listings on the right side menu.

As for the videos themselves, I've messed around with the encoding to MP4 settings and I think I got a good optimal setting for decent video quality and small size.  Hopefully this should fix streaming problems.  I won't be recompressing old videos but new ones should probably be about half the size of the new ones.  Unfortunately there's still an issue where a movie can only play up to a small portion of the buffered space.  I think this has to do with the metadata mover I'm using to make MP4's web playable... if someone has some tricks that might be able to fix this problem that would be pretty cool.

There are also two new videos, a bloody branch Beelzebub and Randgris.  I suppose I should cover these two.  Bloody Branched monsters have a strange AI, because until you hit them, they don't use skills and their mob is passive.  Once you hit them once, they go into their regular AI routine and start skilling, agressive mob, etc.  You can see we use this on both bosses to allow us to hold the MVP while we're setting up.  You don't get that luxury with non branched MVPs but its pretty handy. 

We used Taekwon master to kill both of them.  We used the talkie box trick to activate miracle for the bonus damage (don't ask me to explain this, sorry!), I'm not convinced its the best killer for those two, but it certainly is a good killer.  The damage was pretty good across the board.  Billy, our scholar is pretty impressive offtank.  He tanks using Kaahi (married to a linker) to automatically heal himself when he takes damage, and uses indulge to regenerate his SP.  With his gear, he does quite well.

For beelzebub, we used two main tanks.  While it didn't acutally happen to us, if one tank gets exiled, beelzebub will automatically switch targets to the second tank, and you usually have time to get back to the party before it can happen again.

Anyways take a look, they're pretty cool.  Let me know what you think about the new quality.  Again I used Camstudio, which only takes a small area from the center of the screen, how is that compared to my FRAPS videos?

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Beelzebub Vs White Lady

By Doddler on February 27, 2009 in category 'Random Stuff'

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By popular demand, bloody branched White Lady battling Beelzebub to the death.  And yes, I did run out of cool music to put in my videos.  Suggest some cool stuff similar to what I've been using!

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The New World

By Doddler on February 17, 2009 in category 'Random Stuff'

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Just a short update, I made a brief video while playing the renewal server of the new world.  I wouldn't recommend viewing it if you don't want the place to be spoiled, but for the rest of us who want to see what the future of RO looks like, with the Midgard Three Kingdom Alliance Expedition Camp (long name!), the Tribe of Giants- Manuk, and the Sprite Village Splendide, you may find that it looks very pretty.

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By Doddler on October 7, 2008 in category 'Random Stuff'

As some of you might have noticed, the news page on my site hasn't been updated forever.  Thats because I can't seem to update it.  I tried to use dreamhost's one click install/upgrades, but now I can't actually log in to make any new posts.  Well, it will all be ok when I update the site.

Which is, in fact something I'm planning on doing, hopefully pretty soon.  Database wise, its ready, but the interface I'm just getting started on.   At its core, I plan on information being layed out roughly like my ep 11.3 and ep 12 guides.  The episode 12 guide is a work in progress, but you can get a bit of a sneak peak HERE.  You have to promise to post your comments here on what you think of how the information is aranged though!

The final product of RODE2, if its anything like I envision will have a really spiffy unified search, color coded drops, mouseover descriptions on items and skills, and I think I want to use small icons to specify AI skill states and behavior.  I'm fairly graphically handicapped, and I probably couldn't make a set of icons to save my life, much less an attractive site layout.  If there's anyone who wants to offer some suggestions, or maybe help out, leave a comment or more personally you can send a PM on irowiki or iroforums.  I don't have much to offer in return, but any help would be really cool.

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