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Valkyrie Guild WoE Celebration

By Doddler on May 3, 2010 in category 'War of Emperium'

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I've been unfortunately rather busy with work and life and haven't been given much opportunity to play. With the opening of the Ymir server, several of our players have left, and the future of war on the server is uncertain.

So what I wanted to do was to create a video to celebrate the two or so years of the Valkyrie guild, the people involved, and the fun times that have been had by all (and here's hoping the fun times that will be had in the future). Hopefully, the Valkyrie Guild will continue to be an important factor on the Valk server.

I do want to stress the point that it is a celebration of valkyrie guild, unlike my regular woe videos that I at least try to fairly portray the other guilds and what happened, this video is unabashedly one-sided.

The music is the Theme of Sengoku Rance, an awesome game by Alicesoft (though the game is NSFW!). The video is in part designed to mimic the opening video of that game. I think it turned out pretty well.

This is the most technically complex video I've made to date, with many cuts and effects. I used Sony Vegas to produce the video, it's a pretty powerful program although at least on my computer it runs quite slow. Quality kind of varies from point to point, you might notice, the reason for this is that lots of the footage is taken from my past WoE videos. Sorry if this is distracting. If you're interested, you can see the final timeline here.

Some of the clips aren't that interesting, I apologize to Sakura and Alpha n Omega members for their un-interesting screen time. I only had high quality fraps footage from 4 separate sieges and didn't have any other views of their guilds.

To valk members, I only got to name a limited number of characters from guild, but don't think that because you're not on the list you're not appreciated. Honestly the major deciding factor in who got into the video depended almost entirely on who I was able to see in siege without being blocked by other characters or effects. I only had 4 high quality fraps to work with, I filled my harddrive entirely while working on this project so I wasn't able to really get more footage.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Youtube | Full Size Video | High Res Download

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WoE2 : 15/12/2009

By Doddler on December 16, 2009 in category 'War of Emperium'

Download the WoE Video

Now that I got a new video card I can start frapsing again. It was a fun woe, too bad the ending sucks! It's kind of a shame, cause I thought we played really well. I guess that's the problem that happens when you go into siege with really only two teams, if one team is stronger than the other, they can follow the other team arround and block them from getting castles.  We probably could have held the castle but we prepared poorly for the last minute push.  Well, you can't win 'em all.

Sorry for the lack of a web streaming version.  The music used is more Touhou remixes by Sonic Highspeed Omega.

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Halloween WoE and Guild Controversy

By Doddler on November 3, 2009 in category 'War of Emperium'

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It's been a while, so I figured I'd share a recent woe video.  A high resolution version of the video is available HERE.  The music is from the official RWC image song CD by Jam Project.  Yeah I used two versions of the same song in the video, so sue me.

It was a very good woe, probably one of the best recently.  We lost the fort in the end, but I think we did really good against overwhelming numbers.  Illegit is a very strong guild and we lost our largest ally, but we played better than we ever had before.

What I didn't like is that Illegit guild used portal casted Magnetic Earth against us, which is illegal in that it requires a modified client or 3rd party program to do. Portal Casting involves using a skill as soon as you enter a portal, so that it casts on the other side, but cast cannot be interrupted when its done this way and it ignores the cast blocking effects of Classical Pluck.  Portal Casting a ground target skill however is impossible because you cannot target the skill on the destination cell while entering the portal, because you can't see it.  It's pretty lame that they would have members that would blatantly cheat.  Check it out in slow motion, there's not much of a doubt (here here and here). Strange that you cannot even see the words 'Magnetic Earth' above the caster.

There's always a bit of controversy between the guilds in RO.  Because I try to be as knowledgeable about RO as I can, I also know a lot about various exploits and other like things.  I don't use them, but I'm aware of a lot of things that can be done.  Well sometimes RoCha, but that's been all but approved.  But I'm 100% sure that the Illegit guild knows all about the games bugs and exploits as well.  I thought they respected fair play in siege, or at least their accounts enough that they wouldn't cheat, but I guess that's not the case.  Having previously been in guild with Pistola I had a lot of respect for him, but based on recent events I imagine he doesn't share such respect with his opponents, so I'm not sure where I stand.

Our own guild is not beyond controversy, we recruited a member Incendio, who early in the server's life was caught botting and got his accounts banned.  Our guild position on it is that he restarted without botting and is not doing anything bad now, so we don't hold anything against him.  That's fair, he's one of the more active players in the guild and a good player so I'm happy he's with us, though he does have a big mouth on the forums.  Still, if we caught a player or had evidence of a player in our guild cheating or botting, they would be gone right away.  I guess its too much to ask for other guilds to play on the rules, considering the situation on valk.

Anyways, that aside, it was a very good woe.  Hopefully I'll do more posts in the future, got a new character in the works, and as usual messing around on Renewal test server.

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War Videos

By Doddler on May 27, 2009 in category 'War of Emperium'

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Recently I created a bunch of War of Emperium videos, and seeing how I've been neglecting updates here for a bit, I decided I'd post them.  This is just one video, there are two other WoE videos available on the video listing section of the site (under the WoE Video section).  Those looking for a high res version of this video can find it here.

I've been lucky enough the last two sieges to be able to use the ghostring armor and meginjard, which helps be competative.  Most guilds have a heavy reliance on biochemists and champions to do the work of clearing out players, so with the ghostring, it becomes difficult to die.  Offensively, even with the Meginjard, I'm not the best, but I can take out weaker targets and keep guilds occupied long enough for other stronger killers to get the job done, so I think I'm happy with that role.

I can't say much on the music, they were a bunch of random video game remixes I got from a friend, so I wouldn't be able to tell you the source or artist for most of them.  This video is a bit longer than lots of my other videos, but my guildies insisted I try to keep most action parts intact.

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